Chris Pilsner

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Chris Foley Pilsner is the... 

Assistant Dean & Chief Marketing Officer of Isenberg School of Management and a candidate in Isenberg’s Online MBA program. She leads a cross functional team that supports many of the school’s most important strategic initiatives, and spearheaded the development of the “We Drive the Driven™” branding campaign.

Before joining Isenberg in June of 2013, she developed and implemented successful marketing and communications plans for a variety of well-known companies and brands including Kraft Foods, Kao Brands, Unilever, Cadbury-Adams, Diageo, Merrill Lynch and more. Her nearly 20 years of experience working in New York, London and the Midwest has run the gamut of consumer marketing: from shooting beauty ads with celebrities to launching complex financial and pharmaceutical products.

Chris has a BA in English, Women’s Studies and Political Science from Villanova University.