2018 WOI CONFERENCE highlights

Watch the video below to learn about the Women of Isenberg Conference and discover what this event means to our gracious attendees.  

The Women of Isenberg Conference connects current students and faculty with alumnae to build a support network and community of empowerment for collegiate women in business.


- Our Mission


IN 2014, 

The Isenberg Women in Business Club (WiB), in collaboration with the Undergraduate Programs office, Chase Career Center, Development office, and the support of our first sponsor, Target, successfully launched the Women of Isenberg (WOI) Conference. Created to connect current students and alumnae, participants of the Conference have the opportunity to share experiences, foster confidence, and discuss challenges and opportunities of being students in the classroom as well as women in the workplace. This event has earned considerable acclaim. Through the generosity of our sponsors, Isenberg students, alumnae, and faculty from diverse backgrounds and industries, connected through their Isenberg roots, participate in continued community building. Our goal is to inspire students to build relationships, gain advice from alumnae, and to provide an opportunity for alumnae to become more involved with the University.

The Conference is entirely driven by student planners, and guided by a steering committee of Isenberg staff and alumni. The team envisions a grander, more robust Conference year by year. Over the past 6 years, the Conference has experienced a 255% growth in attendees. By 2018, the team achieved their first ever sold out Conference with 440 attendees, including 291 students and 41 speakers. The team replicated that again for 2019’s Conference.

The 2020 WOI Conference will take place at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst on Saturday, February 22, 2020. The snow date for the event will be Saturday, March 7, 2020. A Cocktail Reception will be held the Friday night before the event in the Isenberg School of Management, and is open to all registered speakers, alumni, faculty, and student ambassadors.

Event Information


Held at UMass

The 7th Annual Conference will be held in the Campus Center Auditorium at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. This on-campus venue provides a convenient location for student attendees to gather, and creates an opportunity for alumnae to return to the University and visit their alma mater. 

Event Lineup

The day-long event includes a keynote speech, 10 different panel discussions, 5 workshops, a career meet and greet with corporate sponsors, and a Guided Networking Luncheon. 

2020 Student Planning Team

The 2020 Women of Isenberg Conference Planning Committee is comprised of nine ambitious students all dedicated to creating a memorable and empowering experience for women in all stages of their career. The student team handles all components of the event planning process, including speaker selection, panel development, venue logistics, and conference communications.

The team began the planning process in April, 2019 and meets approximately six hours per week to assure that all aspects of the Conference are thoroughly discussed and organized.



Senior: Finance & Communication Double Major


Sponsorship Director

Sophomore: Operations & Information Management Major


SVP of Marketing & Communication

Senior: Operations & Information Management Major, Psychology Minor


Marketing & Communication Committee Member

Sophomore: Marketing Major

VP of Operations & Event Management

Junior: Hospitality & Tourism Management Major


Marketing & Communication Committee Member

Sophomore: Operations & Information Management Major


Operations & Event Management Committee Member

Sophomore: Operations & Information Management Major


Operations & Event Management Committee Member

Junior: Mathematics & Finance Double Major


Marketing & Communication Committee Member

Sophomore: Marketing Major

2020 Advisors

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Assistant Dean of Development

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 2.31.18 PM.png

Director of Internships

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 2.32.27 PM.png

Lecturer Accounting


Alumna Advisor

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Procurement & A/P Specialist