2019 Diversity & Inclusion Video Highlights

2019 Keynote Speech

2019 Women of Isenberg Conference Keynote Speaker Diane Isenberg, Founder and Director of Ceniarth, shares her untraditional journey and how she navigated the business world with no prior business experience. She also discusses unique practices in her company that hone in on diversity & inclusion and female empowerment.

2018 Video Highlights

The fifth annual Women of Isenberg Conference took place on February 24th on the UMass Amherst campus. A maximum capacity of 440 students, faculty, staff, and alumni came together in the Campus Center to learn and talk about the unique opportunities and struggles women have in the workplace.

Past Keynote Speeches

2018 Women of Isenberg Conference Alumna Keynote Speaker Victoria Vega, Cross Sector Vice President of Operations at Unidine, shares tips to aspiring business students throughout her personal narrative.

2017 Women of Isenberg Conference Alumna Keynote Speaker Karyn Schoenbart, CEO at The NPD Group, shares her story from her time at UMass Amherst to her current C-Suite position.

Dr. Nefertiti Walker

Confronting sexism 

2018 Women of Isenberg Workshop Host, Nefertiti Walker, Director of Diversity & Inclusion and Assistant Professor, Sport Management at Isenberg School Of Management, speaks on the timely topic of sexism in the workplace, providing tips for overcoming and changing the environment.

Lauren Casaceli

The value of mentorship

2018 Women of Isenberg Conference panelist, Lauren Casaceli, Account Manager at Allen & Gerritsen, speaks about the true value of mentorship in the business world both while in school and after graduation.

Bobbi-Sue Doyle-Hazard

Taking Risks & Embracing Change

2018 Women of Isenberg Conference panelist and workshop host, Bobbi-Sue Doyle-Hazard, Assistant General Counsel of Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Host of Leveling the Playing Field Podcast, speaks on taking risks and embracing change in the business world.

Kim Bilawchuk

Navigating your first job Offer

2018 Women of Isenberg Conference workshop host, Kim Bilawchuk, Career Coach for New College Graduates & Young Professionals, provides tips for navigating your first job.

Elizabeth Morgan

Leadership in 90 Seconds

Jennifer Merton

Negotiation in 90 Seconds

2017 Women of Isenberg Conference panelist, Jennifer Merton, Senior Lecturer at Isenberg, gave several tips on how women can become better negotiators for themselves and in their work.

2017 Women of Isenberg Conference panelist, Elizabeth Morgan, Partner at IBM, speaks about the real and perceived challenges women face in leadership roles.


Sarah Beth Hill

Insights to Startups

2017 Women of Isenberg Conference panelist, Sarah Beth Hill '10, CEO & Founder of Perfect Strangers of NYC (a roommate matching service), speaks about what it is like to build and work at a startup.

Tori Wechsler

Essentials to Networking

2017 Women of Isenberg Conference panelist, Tori Wechsler '10, Junior Agent at the Creative Artists Agency, speaks about how to prepare for and navigate different types of networking events.