2019 Schedule


7:30a.m.-8:25a.m. Registration & Morning Refreshments 

8:30a.m.-9:20a.m. Welcoming Remarks & Keynote Address

9:30a.m.-10:20a.m. Breakout Session #1

10:30a.m.-11:20a.m. Breakout Session #2

11:30a.m.-1:30p.m. Lunch and Luncheon Presentation

1:40p.m.-2:30p.m. Breakout Session #3

2:40p.m.-3:10p.m. Career Reception

3:10p.m.- 3:20p.m. Closing Remarks

The Strengths in Our Differences: Diversity & Inclusion


Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance.” ––Verna Myers

Innovation is often derived from an atmosphere in which your existing beliefs are challenged by the diverse perspectives of those around you. It is important to celebrate our differences in order to create a more unified workforce, as biases and stereotypes can create barriers between coworkers. This panel will discuss how the unique experiences of each panel member contribute to meaningful collaboration in the workplace. Panelists will share stories where their identities were challenged, and how they have overcome them with the help of their companies, peers, and other resources.

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Oh, the Places You’ll Go!


Life after college is a reality that is often difficult for students to visualize as they are focused on their current collegiate lifestyles. Panelists from all stages in their careers will speak about their post-graduate experiences to give attendees insight into the college afterlife. Attendees will hear about career paths across different industries, and how to handle unexpected opportunities and managing the tradeoffs. The takeaway, change is sometimes necessary for success. Life after college is not the end of something great, but the true beginning of everything you are becoming.

Entrepreneurial Way of Life


There is something spectacular in having the courage to pursue ideas, business ventures, and career opportunities that speak to your strengths and passions. This creative sense and innovative mentality are what build individuals, teams, and corporations. Innovators and entrepreneurs are not just owners of businesses or big ideas, they are the risk takers who envision concepts and take the steps to transform them into realities. This panel discusses the characteristics and actions that contribute to tapping into your creative mind through stepping up in order to stand out.

Corporate Confidence: Who’s Behind the Suit?

Room: 168

Arthur Ashe once said, “One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.” In a world where everyone seems more than qualified for employment, it can be difficult to distinguish yourself from your peers. In this panel, industry leaders will discuss how to highlight your standout qualities and your industry knowledge during interviews, elevator pitches, presentations and networking events, as well as other professional settings. We will also discuss how to build confidence within your industry and how to emit confidence through your knowledge and persona as you continue to grow in your profession.

Leadership Styles 


Most leaders have unique management and communication styles. The most successful leaders are the ones who are aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and can use those traits to their advantage. During this panel, attendees will learn how both introverted and extroverted professionals grew to identify and leverage their distinct characteristics. Panelists will share not only how they lead others in the workplace, but in turn how they manage being managed. This panel will also address how to cultivate meaningful relationships with superiors and subordinates.

Predicting the Future: Data Analytics


According to The Economist, the world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data. More than ever, the amount of data contained within our society is growing at an accelerated rate. Our society traditionally associates being analytical with drawing insight from numbers in a spreadsheet. However, data analytics involves much more than that. A data analyst has the power to use data to see trends, issues and relationships in order to improve processes, and ultimately tell a story. The work of a data analyst is comparable to the work of an influencer. Panelists will share how having the ability to work with Big Data is a universal skill that can change the world.

Being “The Woman” in the Room


Women have made great strides in breaking down barriers and taking a seat at the table. However, the challenge is not over once you get your foot in the door. Being the only one in a room, whether it be the only person of your gender identity, race, religion, disability or other defining characteristics can present many challenges including: opposition to your authority, exclusion from conversation and lack of recognition for your ideas and contributions. We are often expected to assimilate while also staying true to ourselves. The mission of this panel is to inspire attendees to not only take a seat at the table, but also to empower you to get your message heard by everyone in the room while remaining professional and confident in who you are.

Sustaining the Future of Business


Sustainability describes the ability to maintain various systems and processes — environmentally, socially, and economically over time. We are all responsible for the well-being of society, and therefore we must make our future the cause of the present. As our generation begins to prioritize social responsibility through our interactions with the world and within the workplace, it is vital to continue this momentum and transform unsustainable and unethical business practices. Attend this panel to discuss how both individuals and large corporations can ensure that future generations are equipped and encouraged to make decisions that adhere to the triple bottom line.

Global Perspectives: An International Experience


Are you the type of person who is intrigued by cultural differences and the world across the pond? Do you want to bridge the gap between societies by learning to understand people from various backgrounds? Lucky for you, we live in an era of viral globalization. Companies across all industries– finance, technology, healthcare, media, and entertainment are reliant on individuals with strong global perspectives. In this panel, you will hear from women who have worked and studied abroad and learn about their careers and challenges they have faced such as cultural and professional differences.

What to Do When Your Briefcase is Too Full


It is vital to determine your non-negotiables, the passions and activities that you are not willing not give up, in order to maximize your potential for success. There comes a certain point where taking on another task becomes overbearing. For some of us, it can be difficult to say “no”. If you spread yourself too thin, there becomes a diminishing return and the quality of your work begins to suffer. However, if you are able to identify your values based on what is important to you, you will begin to say “no” to the right things and invest your time in the obligations that propel you forward.

Women For UMass Amherst (WFUM) Presentation

Mission: Women for UMass Amherst (WFUM) is a network of alumnae that promotes the advancement of campus programs that provide access, support, and opportunity for UMass Amherst students, with preference to those projects that positively impact UMass Amherst women and their respective communities.

Generational Differences

Brought to you by united technologies

As Baby Boomers begin to retire, Millennials are the largest and fastest growing generation in the workplace, with almost 50% of every worldwide worker identifying as a Millennial in the next two years. With this transformation of generational dynamics at work, it is important to identify our expectations upon graduation in terms of communication, transfer of knowledge, and management styles. In this Generational Differences Luncheon Panel, you will hear from professionals from United Technologies, a Fortune 100 company rooted in legacy, as the company undergoes a tremendous shift in employee age demographics. Panelists will help us to identify and overcome the negative stigma around Millennials’ work ethic, while emphasizing the skills that will teach us how to excel as we begin to dominate the workplace.

The Isenberg Family Charitable Foundation Video Presentation

The Isenberg Family Foundation will continue to work in the spirit of Eugene Isenberg’s legacy supporting entrepreneurs, empowering underserved communities, and trying to provide equal access to opportunity to all people regardless of income level.

Guided Networking Luncheon

The Guided Networking Luncheon is a networking platform for the 6th Annual Women of Isenberg Conference. This luncheon will provide an opportunity for attendees, at their assigned tables, to network with corporate recruiters, representatives, panelists, and UMass Amherst alumni. The moderator will provide talking points to guide the conversation at your table.

The Game of Life: Managing Your Money

Hosted By: Professor Emily Must


For many, it can be easy to feel the pressure of saving money, paying back loans and setting financial goals. This workshop will touch on how to budget, when you don’t have much to budget, while also revealing the psychology of spending. Attendees will learn how to identify their own spending triggers while also reducing their ‘urge to splurge’. Our host, Emily Must, will share why it's especially important for women to manage their own money, as well as lessons learned from previous generations on managing debt and relationships. In attending this workshop, you will leave the room feeling confident in being the CFO of your personal life.

Public Speaking

Hosted By: Barbra Roache


This workshop will help attendees overcome the fear of public speaking, polish their skills, and be ready to tackle presentations, speeches, and everything in between. The art of public speaking is something that is difficult to master, but is a necessary skill in all fields and industries. Learn the tips and tricks that will help you become an effective public speaker!


Hosted By: Shalini Bahl


Success is not built off of comfort or moments when everything goes right. It is derived through the awareness of choice, the courage to confront failure and the ability to transform it into opportunity. In this workshop, attendees will learn what inhibits true confidence and its relation to personal and professional growth and well-being. Through emotional and cognitive resilience exercises, attendees will develop skills to authentically navigate challenges encountered by women in leadership. Host, Shalini will offer an experiential space to explore and develop the resilience embodied by fearless leaders.

Filling Your Professional Toolbox

Hosted By: Michele Equale


What would seem like such a simple question, “Tell me about yourself,” often leads many to feel overwhelmed and unsure how to encompass their strongest attributes in just a few sentences. Host, Michele Equale, will hone in on how to fill your business starter-kit with technical and soft skills including: being self-aware and confident, ambitious in the workplace, and data-driven to help you form your opinions. Setting yourself up for success is essential as you transition into the professional world. You will leave this workshop with a framework to leverage when confronting future opportunities that may appear intimidating but will propel you forward in your career.


Hosted by: Nefertiti Walker & Professor Nicole Melton


This workshop will help attendees better understand their role as an ally to underrepresented groups in the workplace. More specifically, we will take you through training to become an Isenberg Ally to LGBTQ people in the workplace.