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Marketing & COMMUNICATION committee member

Devanshi Patel is an international student from India and a sophomore majoring in Marketing. Apart from her primary interest in Marketing, she aims to double major in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Devanshi always knew the importance and value of the women in her life; may it be her mother, sisters, mentors or friends. The Women of Isenberg Conference helped her build the atmosphere of strong passionate women she always dreamt to be around. Inspired by Women in Business (WiB) and her first Women of Isenberg (WOI) Conference, she applied for a spot on the Conference team and was accepted as a part of its Marketing and Communication Committee. Devanshi is also the Marketing and Communications chair of the ‘American Hotel and Lodging Association’. 

She spent this summer tutoring and educating kids at a local government school in her city and traveling to Canada and India. She was also able to volunteer at her city’s animal rescue center. Devanshi is currently in the process of writing her first fiction novel. While her favorite sport is cricket, you will find her at every ice hockey game, enthusiastically supporting her school. Her favorite self-care therapies are cooking for her loved ones and empowering the next generation with positivity.