This workshop will help attendees overcome the fear of public speaking, polish their skills, and be ready to tackle presentations, speeches, and everything in between.The art of public speaking is something that is difficult to master, but is a necessary skill in all fields and industries. Learn the tips and tricks that will help you become an effective public speaker!

Public Speaking


Managing Social Styles


Everyone is different, which means that people with varying personality types are likely to react to the same situation in different ways. When working with a group of people, it is crucial to understand not only the personalities of those around you but your own personality as well. Dr. Melissa Baker will lead this workshop to help you discover ways to leverage how others think in order to manage and work with multiple types of personalities on the business road ahead.

Real Talk: Sexism in the Workplace


Discussing sexism in the workplace is often considered taboo. This session will be a live recording of the podcast, Leveling The Playing Field, created by Bobbi-Sue Doyle-Hazard with special guest, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Dr. Nefertiti Walker, will openly and honestly discuss the many ways that sexism may manifest itself in the workplace. Through in-depth conversation, and audience participation, they seek to engage the audience in a real discussion of sexism in the workplace.

The hard part of a job search is landing an offer, but the work does not stop there. It is important to evaluate your offer to make sure that this job is truly the right fit for you. Career Coach Kim Bilawchuck will guide you through the steps you must take when evaluating a job offer for an internship or a full time position.  In addition to addressing how to negotiate a salary, she will help you learn to evaluate the offer based on non-financial factors such as vacation time and work life balance. This knowledge will guide you throughout your career and help you reach your full potential as you make your way to the top.

Evaluating Your Job Offer



Room: 168

The 2017 WOI Conference Keynote Speaker, Karyn Schoenbart, joins us again this year to present her newly published book Mom.B.A. inspired by her daughter and very successful business woman herself, Danielle Sporkin. Danielle is currently a Senior Vice President at Essence with over 10 years of business experience. Karyn and Danielle will host this workshop to reveal essential business advice Karyn has shared with her daughter throughout her life and early career. Workshop attendees will learn how to make a good first impression, deal with difficult situations in the workplace and life, and how to survive your boss. This incredibly successful mother-daughter duo will share how it really is possible to do it all.