Tori Wechsler

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Tori moved to Los Angeles from...

New York in 2010 a month after graduating from UMass' Isenberg School of Management, to pursue her dream career in entertainment and events. After working briefly for hospitality company Aramark and then for a music producer organizing artist showcases, Tori joined leading global talent & entertainment agency CAA as an assistant to the head of brand partnerships in the music department. While in the music department, Tori helped secure and oversee brand deals for some of CAA’s biggest clients, including Maroon 5 with Honda, Jason Derulo with Hilton, Pentatonix with Ricola and Troye Sivan with SweeTarts. Tori has such a passion for creative collaboration and talent, and has been instrumental in signing new clients to CAA. With just over 5 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Tori has been promoted to Jr. Agent and  focuses on brand partnerships for CAA’s digital and music clients. While the east coast will always be ‘home,’ Tori currently resides in Los Angeles where she definitely enjoys the SoCal weather, attending concerts & music festivals, fashion, crafting, Classpass, travel, and anything Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, This Is Us and Friends related!