Women for UMass (WFUM) Presentation


WFUM is a network established to educate, encourage, and inspire women to be avid supporters and philanthropic leaders engaged with the university. WFUM is led by a steering committee of women donors who want the opportunity to advise the WFUM initiative.

Panel: Career Turning Points

spondored by UTC

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Everyone has that one moment that defines their career; whether it is declaring an undergraduate or graduate major, securing an internship or job, or receiving guidance from a mentor.Career challenges and changes are something that everyone faces in life. It is how one approaches and navigates these career-life-events that define them. When it comes to your career advancement and path, it can be difficult to figure out how to handle all of the changes, challenges and trade-offs that come your way. Each professional’s career turning points are different and discussing these milestones will help to enlighten attendees on how to navigate their careers.

Video Presentation


The Isenberg Family Foundation will continue to work in the spirit of Eugene Isenberg’s legacy supporting entrepreneurs, empowering underserved communities, and trying to provide equal access to opportunity to all people regardless of income level.

Guided Networking Lunch

The Guided Networking Lunch is a new networking platform for the 5th Year Women of Isenberg Conference. This networking lunch will provide an opportunity for attendees, at their assigned tables, to network with corporate recruiters, representatives, panelists, and UMass alumni. The moderator will provide talking points to guide the conversation at your table.