Henri Hebert

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since 1994...

Henri Hebert has created, produced, casted, directed, and written nonfiction projects for print, syndication, network, cable and digital platforms. Recently, Henri has been the Executive Producer/Showrunner for Lifetime’s The Jacksons: The Next Generation and Co-Executive Producer/Showrunner for TLC’s Strange Love. But, her career has included everything from researching at Inside Edition and American Journal to producing NBC’s Average Joe series and working with Maria Shriver on the highly regarded NBC documentary Siegfried & Roy: The Miracle.

While producing NBC’s Biggest Loser, and Three Wishes, Henri began producing brand integration content simultaneously for network and digital delivery. She went onto be a part of the producing team for the mega-hit The X Factor in 2011. Henri also served as a Co-Executive Producer for Oxygen’s Player Gets Played, Oxygen's Tattoos After Dark, MTV's The Ex and the Why, A&E's 8 Minutes, WE's Pregnant and Dating and Executive Producing CMT's The Bull Life. Recently, while filming Lifetime’s The Jacksons: The Next Generation, Henri co-founded The Dee Dee Jackson Foundation which shines a light on loss and grief how it impacts our lives negatively. Henri took a year to implementing the mission of DDJF and creating their core music therapy program for children. She is based in Los Angeles and repped by ICM.