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Diane is the Founder & Director of Ceniarth, a single-family office and related private foundation, focused on funding solutions that benefit marginalized communities.  Ceniarth invests globally, primarily in rural, underserved regions in sectors such as agriculture, financial services, housing, and energy. Diane manages a team of ten finance and investment professionals headquartered in London and with remote employees in New York and San Francisco.

For the past thirty years, Diane has been actively involved with community organizations in rural Wales with an emphasis on improving economic opportunity and access for disadvantaged communities.  She has worked in a variety of capacities as a teacher, including developing a primary school curriculum around Fair Trade, the founder of a nursery, and a counselor for the local citizen’s rights organization.  Through experiences as a working partner on a family upland livestock farm, she has developed a strong interest in agricultural development. Diane’s interest in international development began when working on family planning and maternal health in Bangladesh.   

Diane has a B.A. from Oberlin, an MPH from the University of Michigan, and a PGCE from Aberystwyth University.